EU Forest-based Industries 2050: a vision of sustainable choices in a climate-friendly future

01 September 2020. CEPI, CEI-Bois, EPF, EFIC, Bioenergy Europe, FTP, CEETTAR, CEPF, EUSTAFOR, FEP and Copa Cogeca share a Joint Vision of sustainable choices in a climate-friendly future for Forest-based Industries. They are planning to deepen the existing partnerships

EU Forest-based Industries want to be the most competitive, innovative and sustainable providers of net-zero carbon solutions for a climate neutral Europe by 2050.

Please find hereunder the links to the Joint Vision 2050 that was co-signed on 19 November 2019 by EU Forest-based Industries and is supported by CEETTAR:

Word document in PDF format HERE and leaflet HERE.

CEPI recently published executive summary: Why a CO2 effect calculation?

Executive summary