Join Declaration on the occasion of the first Farm to Fork Strategy Anniversary

20 May 2021. Farm to Fork Strategy: the agricultural, rural and forestry contractors sign a joint declaration to warn of the considerable impact of this strategy on the entire agricultural value chain.

Without a comprehensive impact assessment, we will not be celebrating the one year anniversary of the Farm to Fork strategy.

May 20, 2021 marks one year to the day since the Farm to Fork strategy was presented in Brussels by the European Commission. However, we cannot celebrate its anniversary, as the strategy still raises too many questions in the European farming and agri food community. A year of intense debate has only increased the number of our concerns.

Please find HERE the English version of the declaration, signed by 29 associations from the agricultural sector. To read CEETTAR position paper on the Farm to Fork Strategy, please go to CEETTAR website HERE.

Vous trouverez ICI la version française de la déclaration , signée par 29 associations du secteur agricole. L’avis de la CEETTAR concernant cette stratégie se trouve ICI sur le site internet de la CEETTAR.