Germany: again a successful DeLuTa

Germany: again a  successful DeLuTa

It was under the banner "Das sind wir" ("That's what we are") that was successfully held the latest edition of DeLuTa on December 3rd and 4th last in Münster, organised by the German BLU association. More than 12 000 entrepreneurs and their employees and many guests attended this event, true recognition of the work of BLU.

Beyond a presentation of new machines and products from 240 companies, the proposed DeLuTa offered over 70 specialized presentations, discussion podiums and events. As in the last edition two years ago, the two days of the 2014 edition of DeLuTa experienced a similar dynamism, especially due to the organization of a special closing session with a lot of participant during the second night, with many fruitful exchange of experiences between entrepreneurs. Launched twelve years ago DeLuTa is enjoying a success that organizers could not imagine, and the event did not have enough space to meet all requests for participation and exposure. The rise of international visitors is a proof of this success this year

with the arrival of colleagues from the Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Italy.

Among the changes in DeLuTa 2014 also included a later closing time (21.00) and the construction of an external marquee of 2,500 m² for organisation of an evening with orchestra. Also note the holding of a special and monitoring forum on "Software and agricultural electronics."

"We are happy that our association can each time motivate nationally and simultaneously more than 60% of its members to attend such an event," concludes Alfred Schmid, the BLU director at the end of these days.

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