CEETTAR at the service of all agricultural, rural and forestry contractors of Europe

On 18 December 20014, the General Assembly of the ENFE accepted the proposal of its Board to merge their organization with CEETTAR. As a result of the decision of the General Assembly, the members of the ENFE have joined CEETTAR altogether. The continuation of this membership in CEETTAR for 2015 and following years is now the individual responsibility of each organization.

It is with pleasure that we welcome :

  • Union Nationale des Entreprises du Bois/Nationale Unie Houtsector (Belgium)
  • BULPROFOR (Bulgaria)
  • Koneyrittajien liitto ry (Finland)
  • SMF - Skogsentreprenörerna (Sweden)

In accordance with the agreement concluded by the two organizations, CEETTAR added on 1st January, an additional position in the Board of CEETTAR for a delegate from the member organizations. Simo Jaakkola, as president of the ENFE, will take this position and participate in the first meeting of the Bureau for 2015 which will take place on 28 January.

Similarly, our organization will ensure the elaboration of a new constitution and a new mode of functioning in the year 2015. But since 1st January, the new members may participate in the CEETTAR activities, particularly those of the working group on forest.