Ceettar position paper on the Farm to Fork Strategy: contractors already contribute to a sustainable food system

Contractors contribute to achieving the goal of reducing pesticide use by 50% by 2030, as planned in the EU F2F Strategy

CEETTAR share the European Commission concern on the need to build both a competitive and sustainable future for animal and human food production in Europe. 

Contractors are using innovative and precision farming techniques on agricultural lands in order to reduce the quantity of necessary plant protection products. Thus, contractors are already directly contributing to achieving the goal of reducing pesticide use by 50% by 2030, as planned in the Farm to Fork Strategy drafted by the European Commission.

What is CEETTAR asking for?

  • CEETTAR demand a systematic impact assessment for each new legislative proposal in support to the Farm to Fork Strategy;
  • In order to make EU agriculture both competitive and sustainable, CEETTAR is pleading for a better coherence between the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) and the entire Green Deal package.
  • CEETTAR supports effective agricultural knowledge and innovative solutions monitored by a farm sustainability database that documents the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.
  • To implement this process, CEETTAR advocates expanding access to high-speed broadband connections in rural areas.

Additional remark on the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Directive and the use of plant protection products:

By complying with the changes in product authorisation, contractors can propose tailor-made solutions to farmers and forestry owners. These changes also generate additional business opportunities for contractors, as they are more equipped to adapt to changing circumstances and to use alternative products launched on the market containing newly approved active substances.

Against this background, contractors are joining the machinery industry, machinery dealers, pesticides companies and the entire agriculture value chain in their effort to launch alternative products and machinery on the market, based on increased research programmes.

Please find HERE the full position paper in English.

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