FNEDT creates a European network for youth mobility

On the occasion of SIMA, FNEDT announced at a conference on 25 February, the creation of a European network to facilitate the mobility of young people in a context where recruitment is problematic in agricultural, forestry and rural work companies, due to the lack of candidates. It currently gathers 4 European countries: Finland, Portugal, Germany and France.

Paris, 26 February 2019 - "We are creating a network of European professional organisations and training centres to promote the European mobility of young people in training in agricultural and forestry work", announces Gérard Napias, President of the FNEDT, who goes on to say "it now includes 4 organisations: the BLU in Germany, Koneyrittäjät in Finland, Anefa in Portugal and FNEDT in France, as well as 12 agricultural and forestry training centres in these countries".

"We need motivated young people, attracted by our profession, our technologies! European mobility is one of the driving forces because it allows us to discover other practices and then anticipate the evolutions of agriculture today and especially tomorrow", explains Gérard Napias.

"Mobility is a key component of the European project: through exchange programmes, students can see how things work in another country and get a new insight on how things work in their own country. Contractors are facing many challenges, as consumers are expecting affordable and environmentally friendly products: it is up to us, contractors, to create successful stories to enhance the image of our business and attract new talents” reminded Klaus Pentzlin, President of CEETTAR.

The objective of this network is to promote the mobility of young people between these different countries in order to improve their integration into agricultural and forestry work organizations. These experiences abroad, in the form of internships or exchanges, will enable young people to develop the "soft skills" expected by recruiters: team spirit, adaptability, multi-tasking, as well as more technical skills. In addition to this, of course, there are the advantages of learning languages.

This approach will first identify the relevant training courses in each country in order to lay the foundations for a working platform aimed at establishing a network of actors who will support young people in training in their mobility. The final objective is of course to perpetuate the approach and make it an integral part of the education programmes and training offers of the four countries, with the ultimate aim of extending the approach to other countries.

At the end of the conference organised by FNEDT and CEETTAR, MEP Anna Sander welcomed this approach "which brings people, citizens, learners and trainers together: it is a practical and concrete Europe! To be enhanced by the other states' existing schemes, we need Europe, cooperation! ».

This action is part of the cooperation agreement in which FNEDT has entered into with FAFSEA.

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The National Federation of Territorial Entrepreneurs (FNEDT) is the professional organization in France that gathers agricultural, rural and forestry contractors. The FNEDT brings together 62 departmental unions and 13 regional unions. As key players in employment in the rural world, the 21,000 agricultural, rural and forestry organisations and their 97,000 permanent and occasional employees carry out projects for the benefit of agricultural and forestry operators, owners, organisations and local communities. 265,000 farmers (60% of French farms) call on the services of agricultural contractors. FNEDT is a member of CEETTAR (European Organisation of Agricultural, Rural and Forestry Contractors).

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