European Elections 2019: CEETTAR launches a European Manifesto


The European elections for a new European Parliament legislature will take place between 23 and 26 May 2019. CEETTAR would like to send a strong sign to candidates from all political parties and from all member states. For the new parliamentary term, CEETTAR is asking:

  • A level playing field in the Common Agricultural Policy direct payment calculation AND rural development policy: the CAP should stimulate the use of technology by beneficiaries, not the ownership;
  • The authorisation of national exemptions to the harmonization of road circulation requirements;
  • An accessible financial instrument to contribute to the challenges of digitisation by small, contractor companies;
  • A standardized approach for the production of big data and a single EU wide data-sharing platform;
  • An extension of EU support to education programmes to learners and further exchange of mutual learning practices on digital innovations;
  • Clearly set goals to develop the forestry sector in the new EU forest strategy.

Read HERE the full manifesto in English.
Veuillez trouver ICI la version complète du manifeste en français.
La versión en español del manifiesto se puede encontrar AQUÍ.