The role of agricultural and forestry entrepreneurs once more in the spotlight

The role of agricultural and forestry entrepreneurs once more in the spotlight


The European association of entrepreneurs in agricultural, forestry and rural services, CEETTAR, has just published its second edition of its panorama of the sector. A pamphlet which shows the increasing influence of the service providers with services linked to agricultural and forestry.

By serving farmers, landowners and the rural communities, the 150,000 agricultural and forestry enterprises and its 600,000 employees have become key players in rural areas where they contribute in reaction to the satisfaction of the society's numerous needs: food production, provision of wood as a raw material for constructions, energy, papermaking, rural development and maintenance of natural areas.

“With a turnover estimated at 30 billion on the scale of the European Union and more than 6 billion of yearly investments, our enterprises provide technological and high-added value services in order to make farms and forests more productive, more efficiently and more sustainable”, reminds Klaus Pentzlin, the president of CEETTAR.

In 2017, 60% of work in the fields is carried out by contractors for the benefit of farmers. For example, more than 80 of the 120 million tonnes of beet is harvested. Forestry contractors cut and made more than 480 of the 550 million m³ of wood available for industry, which is 90% of the timber harvest in Europe.

As Europe moves towards a more modern and climate-friendly CAP, technological solutions are becoming vital. The perspective of precision farming and business data-driven solutions is only now an important subject. In reality, most farmers do not have the resources to invest in this technology themselves. Thanks to their expertise, sense of anticipation and innovative approaches, entrepreneurs are the key players who will enable their customers to achieve greater profitability while meeting the CAP's competitiveness and sustainability objectives.

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