European seed processors debate of the future of seed

European seed processors debate of the future of seed

As the first actors of the seed sector as service providers to farmers, the mobile seed processors met on 12 May near Aalborg in Denmark, in the premises of Gl. Buurholt Hovedgaard, the main Danish sorter, on the occasion of the annual meeting of their European association, the European Mobile Seed Association (EMSA), to discuss current development of the industry.

The merger of Bayer and Monsanto and Chemchina's interest in the Swiss Syngenta, the rise of new plant breeding techniques and the conflict between the European Union and the European Patent Office are all signals of dynamism of the seed market.

From then on, understand the future of the seed market is essential because "the reason d’être of the seed processors is to bring the best service to their customers," recalled Nigel Day, President of EMSA. "Entrepreneurship and innovation are essential to tackle the multiple challenges faced by the seed processors. Our companies are small and must always innovate to be at the top and control the costs, "said Visti Møller, host of the meeting.

But the challenges are great. "By 2030, we must expect a real change of technology in the sorting of seeds," said Klaus Gaarde, head of the DAMAS group seed department. "Light and image control as well as computer programming of operations will be a reality," he added. Ultimately, even if uptaking very innovative technologies is not always an easy task, these developments will make it possible to simplify the work of the processors and guarantee a reduction in costs.

"The environmental, quality, or operator safety constraints as regards the seed treatment phase will be increasingly burdensome," said Ketty Nilsson of NOROGARD. "Ensuring quality of services is therefore paramount, that is why we are introducing big data into machine management" echoing the forward-thinking of the participants.

Interconnection between members, new technologies, innovation... the role of EMSA is becoming increasingly crucial to offer entrepreneurs and their organizations a place to exchange ideas and stimulate reflection. In addition, it must continue to promote farm save seed in all countries of the European Union.... in Spring 2018, EMSA will show in a meeting in Germany what actions has been taken to carry out the evaluation of today.

Le communiqué de presse est accessible en français également.

Note to the editors:

Founded in 2010, the European Mobile Seed Association represents professional seed processors in Europe, which provide farmers with a specially tailored mobile seed preparation service. Contact: Eric DRESIN. Tel.: +32 (0)478.844.513 –

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Annual meeting of EMSA 2017

General assembly on the premises of Gl. Buurholt Hovedgaard, Denmark.