Benefits of membership

Becoming a member of CEETTAR is providing a number of objective advantages:

1. You will have a professional association contributing to the services you provide to your own members, protecting their interests and lobbying at the highest level.

2. you will get connected to a quality European network of national experts (from other member organisations, public institutions and academic researchers).

3. It will give you access to information and good practices essential to further develop your organisation.

4. You will be invited to attend national and European conferences and seminars to facilitate the building of working relationships with colleagues and to work together on key issues for contractors. CEETTAR also informs you of other interesting local, national and European events dedicated to land-based contractors.

5. Becoming a member of CEETTAR will bring increased credibility to your association and strengthen your public profile.

6. You will be entitled to use the CEETTAR information in your communication (website, e-mail signature, brochures …) and events.

7. Membership will assist you to get inspiration for new business opportunities and expand your range of services, thanks to the exchange of good practices and expertise.

8. You can also be assured of a personal and professional one to one service at all times: the staff and the management committee listen to your ideas, your suggestions, answers your questions and connects you with other Members or interesting contacts.

Join CEETTAR and you will be part of the only pan-European network of the land-based contractors associations!

If you want to know more about our work, please read the activity report 2017