CEETTAR is a non-profit association created under the Belgian law. It is made of :

a General Assembly (GA) with all the members, brought together twice a year.

a Management Committee (MC) with the most extended power to manage the association, daily and broadly speaking, as provided in the law. The Management Committee is composed by a President, at least two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary General and a Treasurer.

As per vote in AG on 2nd July 2019, the Management Committee Members are:

President: Klaus PENTZLIN (Germany)

Vice-president: Simo JAAKKOLA (Finland)

Vice-president: Bent-Juul JORGENSEN (Denmark) 

Vice-President: Gérard NAPIAS (France) /
Vice-President: Marie Sophie PUJOL FORT (France)

Vice-president: Janneke WIJNIA-LEMSTRA (The Netherlands) 

Treasurer: Johan VAN BOSCH (Belgium)

The Secretariat is supporting the Management Committee to carry out its duties. Jérôme ROCHE (Secretary General) Anaëlle CREITZ (Assistant)and Véronique LUYTEN (Assistant) are in charge of running the secretariat.

In addition, three Standing Committees (SCMM on Mobile Machinery, SCRA on Rural Activities and SCF on Forestry) are directing CEETTAR activities in relation to their respective fields.

Members of the Management Committee

From left to right: Janneke Wijnia-Lemstra, Jérôme Roche, Simo Jaakkola, Bent-Juul Jorgensen, Klaus Pentzlin, Gérard Napias, Johan Van Bosch.